KIT phát triển MSP430 LaunchPad

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Quick Overview

Đây là kit phát triển giá rất rẻ dành cho người mới học về vi điều khiển của hãng Texas Instruments. Kit MSP430 LaunchPad phiên bản hiện tại (1.5) sử dụng MCU MSP430G2553 (16MHz, 16Kb Flash, 512B SRAM, 2 Timer 16-bit, 8 kênh ADC 10-bit, giao tiếp UART, LIN, IrDA, I2C, SPI . Đây là MCU thuộc dòng Value Line của TI, siêu tiết kiệm năng lượng, đầy đủ chức năng, mà giá lại cực shock (khoảng trên dưới 1$), rất phù hợp với túi tiền của học sinh-sinh viên. Trên kit có sẵn mạch Program/Debug rất tiện lợi.

Hiện tại chỉ còn kit 2nd đã qua sử dụng, độ mới 99%.

Hết hàng

The MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad is an easy-to-use flash programmer and debugging tool for the MSP430G2xx Value Line microcontrollers. It features everything you need to start developing on an MSP430 microcontroller device. It has on-board emulation for programming and debugging and features a 14/20-pin DIP socket, on-board buttons and LEDs & BoosterPack-compatible pinouts that support a wide range of plug-in modules for added functionality such as wireless, displays & more.

The MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad also comes with 2 MSP430 device, with up to 16kB Flash, 512B RAM, 16MHz CPU speed and integrated peripherals such as 8ch 10-bit ADC, timers, serial communication (UART, I2C & SPI) & more!

Free software development tools are also available, such as TI’s Eclipse-based Code Composer StudioIAR Embedded Workbench. Open Source development is also available thanks to community-driven projects such as the MSPGCC compiler or Energia, a branch of the popular Wiring framework.

Find more info about LaunchPad, the supported BoosterPacks & available resources at our LaunchPad portal page! Also be sure to visit our LaunchPad wiki.

Explore different applications on your LaunchPad with BoosterPack plug-in modules.

Get started with the LaunchPad Book published by Elsevier. Blink LEDs, buzz buzzers & sense sensors quickly with this useful guide! Leverages the wonderful community-created tool, Energia.

  • The LaunchPad development board features:
    o 14-/20-pin DIP (N) socket
    o Built-in flash emulation for debugging and programming
    o 2 programmable LEDs
    o 1 power LED
    o 1 programmable button
    o 1 reset button
  • Supports MSP430G2xx2, MSP430G2xx3, and MSP430F20xx devices in PDIP14 or PDIP20 packages
  • The LaunchPad’s integrated emulator interface connects flash-based MSP430 Value Line devices to a PC for real-time, in-system programming and debugging via USB.
  • Includes one mini USB cable to interface with a PC.
  • Included MSP430G2xx device features:
    • MSP430G2553IN20 – 16kB Flash, 512B RAM, interruptible GPIOs (capacitive sense-capable), 16-bit timers, 8ch 10-bit ADC, Comparator, Serial Communication (USCI – I2C, SPI & UART) & more
    • MSP430G2452IN20 – 8kB Flash, 256B RAM, interruptible GPIOs (capacitive sense-capable), 16-bit timers, 8ch 10-bit ADC, Comparator, Serial Communication (USI – I2C & SPI) & more
  • Included MSP430G2xx devices feature preloaded sample programs.
  • Free downloadable versions of IAR Kickstart and Code Composer Studio Version 5 integrated development environments are available and include an assembler, linker, simulator, source-level debugger, and C-compiler. These free IDEs are unrestricted on MSP430 Value Line devices.
  • RoHS compliant
What’s Included
  • MSP430G2553IN20 flash device (preloaded with sample program
  • MSP430G2452IN20 flash device (preloaded with sample program
  • 10-pin PCB Connector (2 male/2 female)
  • 32kHz crystal
  • LaunchPad Development board (MSP-EXP430G2)
  • LaunchPad sticker
  • Mini USB cable
  • QuickStart Guide