Takumi KBI-645

Mỏ hàn Takumi KBI-645 6W 4.5V dùng pin

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Là loại mỏ hàn siêu nhỏ gọn có thể mang theo người mà không cần đến nguồn điện lưới. Mỏ hàn sử dụng 3 viên pin tiểu loại AA. Sử dụng để hàn mạch điện tử, cắt vải v.v…

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395,000 VNĐ

– Electronic repairers out operations, emergency operations preferred product, lightweight and easy placed in the emergency kit.
– Portable, battery replacement easy and adaptable.
– Used rechargeable batteries, the battery does not affect the normal life.
– New Japanese import, reliable quality.
– Tip long life, fast heating, resistance to oxidation, designed for easy replacement.
– Iron lightweight body design, generous and practical.
– Tip 6 seconds fast heat up.
– Iron temperature up to 320
– Using a new battery of up to more than 300 solder joints
– Heat concentrated in the tip, do not waste a little power.
– Anti-static design, better protection components

– Can be used in an ordinary circuit board soldering
– Precision small parts welding
– Automotive Repair
– Communications Electronic Maintenance
– Maintenance of electronic equipment shipping
– Loose rust metal screws (nuts)

– Voltage: 4.5V (three 5 batteries)
– Power: 6W
– Temperature: up to 450 degrees
– Capacity: use of a new battery about 1 hour (high-capacity battery more)